Friday, August 13, 2010

The Airedale Terrier

Also Known as the 'King Of Terriers', the Airedale Terrier is the largest breed in the terrier group. Airedale Terriers are very lively, intelligent, loyal and affectionate if brought up correctly. They make wonderful companions, as they love playing, running, going out in the car, lazing around, really whatever you want to do! Except going to the vet, like all dogs, right? :)
Airedale Terriers are all round dogs, and are good for everyone who likes a big dog. They make great family pets. They aren't too active, but do need a daily run. Unfortunately, the Airedale is prone to Hip Dyspepsia, so you much watch carefully how you feed, and how much you exercise.

Since they are hardy, strong and aware, they make good guard-dogs. They are also one of the first breeds of dog to be used as police dogs in Great Britain. The Airedale Terrier has also been used as a messenger dog, rodent controller in wartime; and a hunter for game birds.
These terriers are sometimes called the Waterside Terrier, for their water working, the Working Terrier or the Bingley Terrier.

The name 'terrier' comes from the word 'terrarri' given by the Romans in the 1st century to dogs. 'Terro' means Earth.

Airedale Terriers make great show dogs, and they generally cost about $400 in NSW, Australia from a good breeder.
The Airedale Terrier needs a good brush once a week, and a clip about four times a year. They shed twice a year.

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