Friday, August 13, 2010

The Afghan Hound

Bred is Afghanistan, the Afghan Hound is a sight-hound. Sight hounds are hunting dogs that use their excellent eyesight to hunt instead of their nose like most gundogs. Afghan Hounds are fast, strong and are an very elegant breed related to the Greyhound. They need lots of exercise.
Afghans also need to be groomed at least once a day. When well groomed, they are a very beautiful breed. Afghan Hounds are very tall, even taller than the German Shepherd or the Doberman Pinscher!

Afghan Hounds have great popularity world-wide, but are quite dumb, and are the hardest breed to train in the world. Although, they are great companions and are very devoted to their owners.

When the Afghan Hound eats it’s a good idea to put a snook over the dog’s ears. A snook is like a bib that goes around the dogs head, and holds back their long ears to stop food getting them dirty.
It’s easy to make a snook, all you need is some fabric, and measure it around the Afghan’s head, and sow. Just make sure it can slip on and of easily, but can’t fall of. It’s best to get your dog used to this when it’s a pup.

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