Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Akita

Going back to 800BC, the Akita or Akita Inu, was bred for dog fighting and hunting bears (they even look like bears!) in Japan; now they are used to be guard dogs and companions.

Akita’s are named after a city in Northern Japan, where they were first bred.
During 1931, they became Japan’s ‘National Treasure.’
They were also, popular Samurai dogs.
After World War Two, the Americans took these big, tough and strong dogs back to America. There they were bred and that is how they spread around the world.

Having pointed ears, a narrow nose and a curled tail means that the Akita is part of the ‘spitz’ group; meaning ‘sharp point’ in German.

To be able to own an Akita you need to have firm handling, and firm training; with this and the appropriate upbringing, the Akita could be an outstanding family pet.
They get along great with other people, when trained, but not with other dogs and animals, this must always watched. That does not mean isolate your Akita and never give it socialization. Akita’s are not recommended for soft or first-time dog owners. This breed needs lots of space, and to be brushed every day or two with a grooming mit, and more during molting.

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