Friday, September 3, 2010

The American Fox Hound

The American Fox hound is a direct descendant of the English Fox hound. The ENGLISH Fox Hound was first brought to America in 1650 by Robert Brooke. The English Fox hounds were immediately popular with the richer people, who used them in the popular sport, fox hunting.

A century later an English Fox Hound was bred with a French Hound, as gift to George Washington from Lafayette. The combination of the French and English Hounds resulted in the creation of the American Fox hound.

American Foxhounds are a scent hound and were created purely for the purpose of hunting fox.

The American Fox Hound is sweet and affectionate, yet they are also brave and determined hunters. They are gentle with children, and get along with other dogs as they are a pack-hunting breed. Although, they shouldn't ever be trusted with other pets who aren't dogs.
The American Fox Hound is a very friendly breed, yet if they are able to think they are the 'Alpha Dog', they often become very protective.

The American Fox Hound needs lots of exercise and are seemingly tireless. They are not recommended for apartments and need lots of space: such as a farm with many acres. This breed makes a good outdoor dog, and needs firm training.

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